The Gospel of John

Tuesday evenings, 7-9  - Beginning September 12, 2017 - Dr. Kathy Kinslow - Instructor - at New Heart Ministries, 80 Smokey Hollow Rd., Baldwinsville, NY 13027. This course is availble for all adults with a high school diploma or its equilvalent.

 This course, comprised of the Book of John and 1 John, is designed to take the student into a deeper revelation of the person of Jesus. While John’s work is in complete unity with the synoptic gospels, he adds significantly to the portrayal of Jesus as both God and man with a special emphasis on the deity of Christ by presenting seven selected signs and the seven “I am” statements of Jesus. Though most believers are familiar with these, the course will present several key words in Greek each week in order to open our understanding of the depth and riches of the Spirit realm from which every believer is invited to live. Understanding the words John employed is key to unlocking the hidden treasures God has for each and every child of His, and is essential for the higher call we have to walk in the Spirit as ministers of truth and light in the world.

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