Kingdom’s Temple

Beginning Monday Evening, September 11, 2017 and continuing through December 4 (with mid-term break - October 23). This course is available for all adults with a high school diploma or its equivalence. Rev. Iris Godfrey will be teaching this new course designed for this season. 

It is available in Syracuse, NY, USA as an in-class study, and also is an on-line course for those who live elsewhere - or are unable to attend the regular class. 

Kingdom’s Temple - Exploring the prophetic shadows of the Old Testament as we discover who we are in Christ as The Temple of the Holy Spirit, how the Temple is to function, and what our heritage is as a result of our placement as sons of Almighty God. We will also discover how we are God’s prophetic statement of what is yet to come. We will span all the temples in Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to us our Lord Jesus and our true heritage. Join us!

It is a course for all believers. Plan to enroll today and be a part of this exciting discovery through the word. Rev. Iris’ teaching is always full of excitement, knowledge and revelation through the Scriptures. You will be richly rewarded for your time invested in this time of delighting in the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tuition for Heirs Of The Promise is $230. There are very easy payment plans available. Once you begin your payment on the pay button below, then please send an email to us at Psalm 19 letting us know you have registered so we can contact you regarding your course materials. 

(A new button will be here soon. Until then, please feel free to pay using this one and then send us an email at psalm19ministries@gmail.come and we will immediately register you in the course).

Institute: Heirs of the Promise

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