Bible Teachers

Rev. Iris Godfrey is our President, Founder and Primary Bible teacher. Ordained as a minister of the Gospel through Elim Fellowship, she has taught the Bible interdenominationally as well as in her local church Body for over 40 years. She is the designer and developer of our Institute courses and continues to look forward in Him to what is next for the ministry, Institute and her own personal ministry. Iris has been married to Joe for 55 years. They have four grown children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She delights in teaching the Word of God through the Holy Spirit and is a sought after speaker and teacher. Iris serves as an elder in Apostolic Leadership in her local body of believers.

Dr. Kathy Kinslow is a gifted and experienced teacher, and also functions as a seer prophet to the body of Christ. She taught in South America for nineteen years, sixteen of which were in dual language schools in Asuncion, Paraguay. Her preparation includes a PhD in Instructional Leadership with a concentration in the Social Foundations of Education. Her passion is to transform our culture to one that reflects the Kingdom by enabling the body of Christ to walk in its God-given purpose and thus fulfill its destiny. Dr. Kathy serves as an elder and Seer Prophet in her local body of believers.

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John Hernandez is a very gifted Bible teacher and our Greek language instructor as well. John spend many years as a High School Mathematics teacher. He is a very gifted decorator as well as the Treasurer of Psalm 19 Ministries. Joe is married to Diane and they have three grown children and 4 grandchildren. They are treasures to their local body and to all in the Body of Christ. 


Rev. Lauren Godfrey has taught Bible for many years and is a favorite of all who have ever had her in class. She is one of the teachers in our in the Institute of Biblical Studies and the Worship Pastor in her local church. Her teaching style is lively and to the point. She is the leader of the Psalm 19 Worship Ensemble and helps in the web and course development production in Psalm 19 Ministries. She loves to have fun in and through the Word. Lauren is employed at an All-State insurance firm as an office manager.

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